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Apply to PB Academy

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As a PB Academy graduate

you can expect to:

Learn how to analyze a real-world problem and build a viable solution using full stack dev skills

Learn how to clearly communicate your thought process and solution to management-level audiences

Get a chance to be hired as a full stack developer for one of our awesome clients

Who We're Looking for: 

Entry Criteria

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Graduating major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT or STEM related degrees

If You Are:

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And You Have:

  • Good knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming in any language

  • Basic knowledge and experience in developing web applications (Java, React, PHP or others)

  • Good conceptual understanding of any cloud environment

  • Basic knowledge of Agile methodologies

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And You Are:

  • Passionate about problem solving and design thinking​

  • Able to pick up new technologies quickly​

  • Able to research and learn new methodologies​

  • Detail-oriented​

  • Willing to invest time and effort to lay the groundwork for your career​

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