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About the Academy

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What is it?

PB Academy is a competitive training and apprenticeship program that seeks to launch Filipino talents into the global technology industry as full-stack developers.

Launch your full-stack dev career by matching with one of Penbrothers' global clients

It's free, and you keep the course material forever

Learn from anywhere, at your own pace

Capstone Project: Get paid to train on a real-world problem at Penbrothers

PB Coworking

The Problem

There is a global undersupply of full-stack software engineers to address the growing need of emerging technologies.

Penbrothers Talent Sourcing

The Opportunity

Many companies worldwide are willing to pay top dollar for well-trained and adaptable developers who know the ins and outs of both the front and back ends of software.

PB Academy Program Phases

Phase 1: Attract 12 Weeks

  • Self-paced and self-directed e-learning on foundations of the MERN technology stack

  • Online assessments

Phase 2: Assess 8 Weeks

  • Instructor-led labs and mentorship

  • Specially designed online assessments

Phase 3: Apprentice 4 Weeks

  • Capstone project

  • Soft skills training

  • Final presentation

May 16 Start of Application

pb academy funnel.png

May 16 – August 07

180 Learners

August 08 – October 02
100 Learners

October 03 – October 30
60 Learners

October 30: Graduation & Job Match

What You'll Be Doing

Phase 1


  • Study online video courses on JavaScript and the MERN Stack in your own preferred order and pace

  • Answer an online assessment

Phase 2


  • Attend weekly online lectures involving more complex MERN Stack applications

  • Build a project and learn to work in a team

  • Receive mentorship from your instructor

  • Complete behavioral and technical interviews

  • Present your project as a team

Phase 3


  • Train on a real-world Penbrothers project with a team

  • Hone your soft skills

  • Present your final project as a team

  • Interview and job match with PB clients

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